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Erin Klein

Erin Klein has spent years working with teachers, curriculum designers and media specialists to help develop creative ways for technology integration in the classroom. She firmly believes in preparing students for a global, collaborative society, and she continuously reinforces how technology, including SMART products, enhance instruction through active engagement. Not only are Erin's resources beneficial and pedagogically sound, but her enthusiastic approach is also contagious. Those who have worked with Erin state that the most surprising aspect they walk away with is seeing how truly motivated they and their students become, and how simple it is to 'jazz up' their lessons.

Dear Workshop Participants,

As educators, we have all heard the saying

If a person woke from a 100-year nap and went to a hospital, he or she would be amazed at all the changes brought about by scientific discoveries and technological innovation. Yet, if that same person walked into a school, he or she would see an institution that looked nearly the same as compared to previous decades. Students still carry textbooks, struggle with homework, sit in desks, march to the beat of a regular schedule, and read whole-class short stories and novels...

It's time to teach SMARTer! It's time to think about how we can invite our students to make use of their passions, creativity, and technology skills to become more engaged learners.

As workshop participants, I invite you to rethink your teaching and learning practices as well as your understanding of what it means to be "literate" in today's digital environment. SMART workshops give you an opportunity to enhance current pedagogical practices for our 21st century learners, our future, our leaders, and our legacy as teachers. 

The SMART workshops I present explore the rich research supporting technology integration to foster independent, motivated, and critical thinkers. During our workshop, we will demonstrate together, as a network of educators, how students can connect to content as they become inspired to develop quality products that will have an authentic audience and shared purpose.

I look forward to opening my classroom toolbox and sharing with you practical strategies, interactive lesson examples, and ideas that will excite any learner and have a lasting impact. You'll experience firsthand how engagement is enhanced as students collaborate together, access digital resources, and publish their work through a motivational platform.

As John Dewey perceptively said, "If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow."

Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon,

Erin Klein
A+ Certified Presenter


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